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February 2021

New album available March 12th:

SAPIENS, Chapitre 2 / 3 : Deus ex Machina


  • Le flambeur 8.53
  • Deus ex Machina (1) : La Machine 5.41
  • Deus ex Machina (2) : Une pièce pour les gouverner tous 6.40
  • Terre brûlée 8.52
  • Encore humains ? 12.48



December 2020

New single “La Machine”

Preorder the new album “Sapiens, chapitre 2/3 : Deus ex Machina”

CD Version

Vinyl Version



February 2020


JPL – Sapiens chapitre 1 / 3 : Exordium

Erectus 16.56

  1. Mastodontes 5.46
  2. Homo sapiens 6.09
  3. Ecce homo 5.01


  1. A condition 6.14
  1. Le chaud et le froid 9.41

Exodus 13.38

  1. Planète A 5.39
  2. Alpha Centauri 7.59
Release dates:
CD : March 20th, 2020 (www.quadrifonic.com)
HR 48Khz / 24 bits download: March 20th, 2020 (www.quadrifonic.com)
Vinyl : April 2020 (www.quadrifonic.com)
Download: April 2020 (Bandcamp and others)
You can now preorder the CD or Vinyl versions at www.quadrifonic.com
– CD Digipak
– Vinyle

Listen to the track « Homo sapiens »:

November 2018

The reissue of  NEMO’s second album, “Présages”, is now available.
It’s a totally re recorded version including a brand new bonus epic 13 minutes song!

Listen to the album: YoutubeDeezer

July 2018

The third volume of the “Retrospections” series is available on CD and Digital!


Here are two songs:

“Une étrange idée”

“Sur les pentes glissantes de la folie”





March 21st, 2017

After 30 months of work, here is « Le livre blanc », in the flesh! Weeks that I talk about it, that I unveil it piece by piece! It is now yours, I have nothing more to do with it, I gave everything. The best I can wish now is that you like it, you who blindly follow my works since years ago! I will never thank you enough to allow me to continue the adventure!

« Convoléances »

Feb 1st, 2017

First video clip of the album!


January 21st, 2017

JPL new album to come!

JPL – Le livre blanc (March 21st, 2017)

Cover: Stan W Decker

Preorder: www.quadrifonic.com

Samples: https://soundcloud.com/jean-pi…/…/jpl-le-livre-blanc-samples


1.Un livre ouvert 5.54
2. L’ermite 9.28
3. Joker 6.38
4. Trompe la mort 4.12
5. L’étoile du nord 5.55
6. Convoléances 5.31
7. La peste et le choléra / l’antidote 7.17
8. Jehanne 10.44
9. Le livre blanc 6.10


 June 14th, 2016

= “Retrospections Vol.2” is out! It’s available at:

CD Baby

See  JPL live :

June 18th, 2016 : “Chez paulette” (54200 Pagney) avec LAZULI – Booking: www.paulettepubrock.com
August 6th, 2016 :  “Festival Rock au Chateau” (70 Villersexel) avec PENDRAGON – Booking: www.rockauchateau.fr
September 10th, 2016 : “Festival Quadrifonic” (43 Chadrac) avec GENS DE LA LUNE – Booking: www.quadrifonic.com


May 9th, 2016

My new album “Retrospections Vol. 2” is available for preorder at www.quadrifonic.com, until its official release ob June 13rd! Then it will be also available in digital download on Itunes, Amazon, etc…
Here is a sample:

April 23rd, 2016

Don’t you think I spent the past months without writing new music? It’s totally inconceivable! I even did more: there will be a new JPL album in early 2017, and I almost finished my “Retrospections Vol.2” album too, whose first part have been released 8 years ago!!

As “Vol. 1”, this record is based on unpublished music I wrote between 1992 and 2005. However, there will be on this second part songs from my first 3 albums, rearranged and re-recorded by the team that will play with me in concert! Beside, those songs will be part of our live setlists.

For several reasons I hesitated to release this album on CD. I finally decided to do it, and I count on you to prove me I am not wrong!

Retrospections Vol.2 will be available in June, and can be pre ordered at www.quadrifonic.com



January 16th, 2016

Happy new year to every one of you!

2016 will be the year when my music will be first played Live! I’m really happy about that, believe me!
Here is the team with which I will hit the road soon:

JPL Promo 2016

Sébastien Delestienne : bass, vocals, guitar
Guillaume Fontaine : Keys, vocals, percussions
Florent Ville : Keys, vocals, percussions
Ludovic Moro : Drums

You already know Guillaume with which I played in nemo in the last 16 yearsNemo, and Ludo who recorded the drums on the 2  WolfSpring albums. Florent and Sébastien are multi-instrumentists with which my music will find its real dimension!

1st concert : Saturday, August 6th, 2016 at the « Rock au Chateau » festival.


June 30th, 2014

The new album is now available at www.quadrifonic.com!

Here is a video of the track “Invisible Death”














6 years after “Retrospections Vol.1”, here is the new JPL album!

MMXIV (2014)


I! contains 8 new song and will officially be released on June 30th.
You can pre-order it now at Quadrifonic.

50 first persons to preorder will receive a signed copy.
100 first persons to preorder will have their name in the booklet.


1. Je suis roi 9.33
2. Invisible death 5.41
3. Le dernier souffle de vent 7.22 (With Dominique Leonetti of Lazuli)
4. Mad science 8.00 (With Terry Cooper)
5. Lifelines 5.07 (With Nicholas James of 25 Yard Screamer)
6. L’un contre l’autre 6.18 (With Dominique Leonetti of Lazuli)
7. SuperHero 6.09 (With Nicholas James of 25 Yard Screamer)
8. MMXIV 11.43

Listen to “Le dernier souffle de vent”: