Mixing / mastering

Mixage“In sound recording and reproduction, audio mixing or mixdown is the process by which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels, for instance 2-channel stereo.” Wikipedia

What I offer:

  • Mixing of audio tracks, howerver many you have, for the realization of pre-production demos or final playbacks for an album / single or other projects.

Mastering, a form of audio post-production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master); the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication).” Wikipedia

What I offer:

  • Realization of the master CD of your musical project before it is duplicated: put the tracks in the right order, harmonise levels for the different songs, cleans the audio tracks, optimize general equalization, boost general level…

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